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AmberScope combines and analyzes millions of patent citations of examiners and applicants to help you find the most similar and most relevant patents connected to your starting patent.

AmberScope is designed for both IP professionals and casual users.


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Doris Spielthenner
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    You can search using one or more of the following criteria.

    Patent or application number 2005238988
    Invention title Artificial amorphous semiconductors and applications to solar cells
    Applicant(s) NewSouth Innovations Pty Ltd
    Inventor(s) Green, Martin Andrew
    Agent Name Peterson Patents
    WIPO number WO2005/106966
    PCT number PCT/AU2005/000614
    Filing date 2005-04-29
    Application status LAPSED
    Earliest priority date 2004-04-30
    First IPC mark H01L31/0264
    Abstract "solar panel"

    Use Quick Search to search by number, date, invention title, applicant, inventor, agent, application status, first IPC mark, or abstract text.

    Whatever you type will be searched for in each of the following fields simultaneously, and matches be picked up in any of the following fields: Australian Application/Patent Number, Provisional Number, Serial Number (Patent Number), PCT Number, WIPO Number, Invention Title, Inventor Name, Applicant Name and Agent Name, Application status, Filing date, Earliest priority date, First IPC mark.

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    That's the essentials

    Try AmberScope for yourself to see how it can quickly help you find the most similar and important patents connected to your focus patents – and then to explore these patents further.

    Video Tutorials
    We are creating a series of video tutorials which can be seen here.
    Further information about AmberScope is found here.


    Introduction to AmberScope

    How to log into AmberScope, and reopen your earlier work

    How to do a simple patent search using AmberScope

    What is a ghost patent?

    What makes a ghost patent, and how do they help patent searching.

    How to find the most important patents connected to your patents

    How to search for the most similar patents

    How to find companies who might be infringing your patents

    Case study using the first patent filed by NTP and asserted against Research in Motion (Blackberry).

    How to find the closest known prior art.

    Case study using the well known Amazon one-click patent.

    Click here to visit out help pages.

    One minute tour

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    Video Tutorials
    We are creating a series of video tutorials which can be seen here.

    Do you have feedback on AmberScope, or wish to discuss a corporate account ?

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    AmberScope was developed to apply the principles of Network Patent Analysis (NPA) to patent searching, or what we call Network Patent Searching.

    Members of the AmberScope development team are very experienced with patent searching, recognised the limitations of current search processes, and wanted to develop a better way of searching for patents.

    AmberScope is a product of Ambercite, which was established in 2010 to commercialise NPA, and which combines the unique perspectives of a network analyst, data miners, software engineers and IP law firm Griffith Hack.

    At Ambercite, we take your legal rights seriously.
    For this reason we have developed the following policies:
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